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Spring has definitely arrived!

How can nearly four weeks have gone by since we put up the previous post announcing the first lamb of 2014? It’s been a whirlwind of activity here, with guests visiting, and lambs, and two public Open Barn days, and… yes, more lambs!

2014 Lambs 1

(Photo credits, clockwise from left: Paul Deatherage, Pat Kight, Paul Deatherage, Pat Kight, Paul Deatherage)

2014 Lambs 3We now have 40 lambs, four of which are bottle babies – or “bummer” lambs. Mouse (pictured at right) is a ram lamb that came from another farm. His mother rejected him shortly after he was born (she was startled by some goats, we were told), and he came to live at Leaping Lamb Farm in order to become a daddy ram when he grows up. Mouse is a Soay sheep, so he’ll also impart some different genetics into the Katahdin/Dorper mix we have here.

Our other bottle babies include the little woolie boy in the photo above – #94 there on the bottom left – who couldn’t seem to figure out how to eat on his own in the beginning. He hasn’t been rejected by his mom, though, and he’s learned to feed partially with a bottle and partially nursing from the ewe. The little girl pictured in the photo on the top right, above (standing) was rejected by her mother in a complicated case of baby stealing and then confusion as to who was actually hers. It seems the ewe probably took another ewe’s lamb – a twin – as her own, then when she had her own twins, she figured the second one to be born didn’t belong to her. We’ve named this incredibly sweet little girl Molly. The final bottle baby is an orphan lamb. He was a difficult birth for the ewe, and she sadly developed an infection after a day or two. He’s doing great with the bottle, though.

2014 Lambs 2

(Photo credits: Top left, Pat Kight; all others, Paul Deatherage) 

We opened the barn up to the public for two days this month (most of the photos in this post are from those events), and we had really wonderful turnouts and such a good time with everyone who was able to make it. The first Sunday, we could not have asked for more perfect weather. Some of the visitors took advantage of the sun and picnicked down by the creek… that is, until they were rudely interrupted by some horses and a donkey looking for snacks! Unfortunately, the good weather didn’t hold long enough for the second Open Barn day, but we still had some brave souls make it out, including a couple who traveled from Vancouver, WA! Thanks to everyone who made it out to the farm for either day – we really appreciate the time you spend with us!

Thanks also to the photographers who lend us the use of their images to help us show off all the animals and the farm. You help us to focus on the beauty here and not just the chores we see that need to be done.

Speaking of chores… time to go out and bottle feed some lambs! We’ll have some more photos from around the farm in the next post, so stay tuned!

It’s a boy!

Please say hello to our first lamb of 2014!

1st Lamb 2014

We hope you’ll be able to join us for one of our Open Barn Days events this month for even more cuteness.

The Escape Artist

Tater the Terrible” has a partner in crime here at the farm.

She’s sneaky. She’s quick.

We will often catch a quick glimpse of her scuttling into some landscaping, but chasing her or trying to keep her penned in is just a futile exercise that ends up with a breathless farmer and a chicken prancing away, tail feathers held high.

Frankie. Many of our guests have come to know her ways.

We never catch her getting out, but we recently caught her in the act of getting back in…




… and over…


And a triumphant landing.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones
Photos by Dennis Rivera

New ‘Roo

Meet the newest resident of the farm!


I brought home this handsome young rooster recently, when purchasing several pullets. Wouldn’t you know, one turned out to be a boy. When you live in a less rural neighborhood, like me, roosters aren’t allowed, so as soon as we confirmed his male-ness (he started crowing inside the coop at 5am!) then we knew he had to go. Lucky for me, I work on a farm!

Scottie had put four of her new hens over by the barn in their own separate coop, and they needed a rooster to help protect them. I’m so glad he had a place to go, because he’s just beautiful. These photos were taken at our house back in May.


We took him over on Friday and introduced him to his new flock-mates, who promptly ditched him. He was also COMPLETELY freaked out by the hoofed creatures — sheep, what are those!?! I’m hoping he just needed a few days to assert himself properly with the hens and learn not to follow people away from the flock, plus get used to all the larger animals.

Now he just needs a good name! Any ideas?

Photos: Kate Rivera

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones

Our First Ever Open Barn Event

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)

This week, we hosted our very first “Open Barn” event, inviting the public out to see the lambs and explore the property. Despite the cold temps and POURING rain on Sunday, we had a great turnout!

We had over 30 lambs born by Sunday afternoon, and many of them were out in the field with their moms. The day would go from downpour to sunny (though definitely not warm) and back again within minutes, and the ewes seemed much more interested in munching on grass than keeping their little ones warm and dry. Eventually, we let them all into the loafing shed and mixed them with the ewes who had yet to give birth.

We also had a few ewes and their babies still in the barn, and the visiting children — and some of their parents, too! — have had a great time holding lambs on their laps.

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)

And, of course, Paco was not about to be left out as long as there was petting going on:

(Photo: Zach Blackwood)

All in all, we think the event was well-received and had a decent turnout, and we learned some lessons in case we do this again next year. We extend a hearty thank you, to everyone who attended, to the photographers for sharing their photos with us, and to anyone who was able to donate to help us cover costs. We hope the kids came away with some lasting memories, and we’re glad the rain didn’t keep you away!

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)


All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones

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